ATW Weekend Edition chronicles Laura Bain's experience here at the Salt Room. She has had life long chronic issues with Bronchitis and prefers to pursue a natural, healthy living means of keeping it in check. Laura realises the Salt Room fulfills her values concerning alternative treatments. 

Features writer Bill Spurr of The Chronicle Herald checks out Halotherapy for respiratory, skin ailments. Read his informative article here.
A featured "Housecall" Segment from CTV News Atlantic. CTV News– Halifax NS
In just two months time, Elaine has experienced the remarkable healing power of Halotherapy with her sinus infection being cleared up completely in this time frame.
John's explains how his breathing was so much better, and sleep was just fantastic after receiving treatment.
Cathy Jones, A Canadian Superstar and Health Aficionado chimes in on her experience at our Salt Room!

A great article by thelocaltraveler on Halifax Bloggers and their experience at the Salt Room.